The story of 'Hide with me'

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‘Hide With Me’ is a pretty special song to me for many reasons. It is the intersection of a beautiful queer coming of age story, as well as my own self discovery, and this track is the first time I have openly shared my own queer journey in a vulnerable and honest way. I feel extremely lucky to be supported by so many family, friends and fans, who accept and love my for everything that I am. It’s a song I written inspired by pioneering queer people that have come before me, the queer media that has presented joy (not hate) to our community, and the plethora of self-discovery stories I have heard, as well as the one I have experienced myself. ‘Hide With Me’ truly is the culmination of years of learning who I am, and I hope that it can be a sort of beacon of hope for other people who are discovering themselves in some sort of way.

Now for those of you who have not seen the TV series ‘Heartstopper’, I strongly recommend you do. It is a wonderful story of love, friendship and loyalty, as well as the exploration of identity in your formative teenage years. What really jumped out while watching this series, was the positive nature of the characters and their stories. They had their ups and downs and life challenges but the show was not tinged with a tragic ending. It supported the notion that everyone deserves happiness and joy.

it has been wonderful working with so many people for this song. When your networks widen and your friendships deepen, it is beautiful what can be created. Trusting your heart and music to another person is a daunting thing, but working with the incredible Seetali Mack, she was able to bring it to life in a way that I didn’t know was possible. Seetali truly is the mastermind behind the production of ‘Hide With Me’, with Garret Kato amplifying it with the mixing, and Sam Berdah mastering the track. I’m thankful for all of these new people I’ve gotten to work with, on making this song come to life.

As always, Summer Grace has done it again. She is the artist behind the single artwork (that literally made me cry by the way) and she is so freaking talented. Coming soon is a magical lyric video that brings to life everything that I envisioned ‘Hide With Me’ to be. Summer is not only my friend, but my favourite artist of all time and I am forever grateful for the pieces she produces for me.

To everyone who has listened to this song and to everyone reading this right now, thank you for helping to get me where I am today. It means the whole world and more to have people hear the words I write and love the songs I put my whole soul into.

I love you and thank you <3 <3 <3

Kaiyah Mercedes